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My Services

I specialize in capturing memories of family, maternity, newborns, children, high school seniors, engagement, pets and other special events and occassions.

My goal is to give my clients a memorable experience with photos that are more than just memories of being aggravated because everyone didn't sit the way that they were supposed to or smile as big as you know that they could! I want you to let go, have fun and allow me to capture those "real" moments that you will cherish forever. 

I am not a huge fan of the traditional portrait style photography...sit and smile, don't move, hold that pose. Yes, I will pose but I am definitely more of a soft posing photographer.  I really work hard to capture moments so that everyone that sees your portraits can see the real smiles and happiness in the people that they know and love. 

With four children of my own and having been a teacher for almost 10 years, I have quite a bit of patience! I know the difficulty behind getting everyone to look the right way and smile with their "good smile" so behind my camera I become a bit of a goofball! I make silly noises, balance things on my head, throw things in the air LOL (I do what it takes) usually the parents laugh the most BUT I typically am able to get everyone looking in the same direction and smiling all at once, even if it is with a stuffed Mickey Mouse balancing on my. head. 

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